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The lamination films that Allmarks International have on offer are extremely versatile and come in a series of reflective colours and holographic finishes. They are compatible with many types of inks. With overprinting, the variation of colours is limitless. They can be waterproof, as well as resistant to light, water and oxygen.

Lamination films can be used for a variety of products, they can be rendered flat and smooth and will be highly durable when put to use, creating a highly attractive and professional gloss on whatever product they are used.

Applicability: DVD packaging, posters, stickers, leaflets, menus, maps, ID cards, photographs, planning calendars and book wraps, labels, stationery, and decorations, luggage tags, library cards, business cards, press clippings, technical diagrams.

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The foils that Allmarks International provides have an array of formulations to meet the challenges of all your application needs. For details, please speak to us.

  • Highly Printable

  • Embossable

  • Excellent COF Properties

  • Robust Surface

  • Full Metallic Coverage

  • Variety of Finishes

  • Holographic Pattern Option

  • Seamless Holography Option

  • Customizable

  • Quick Origination/Proofing

  • Registered Sheeting

  • Classified as Nontoxic

  • Scratch-resistant

  • Food-Grade-Approved Option

  • Moisture-Resistant Option

  • UV-Resistant Option

  • Solid ink adhesion with a very print-receptive surface, even with gradients and halftones
  • Outstanding color pop on the glossy substrate
  • Available in shimless holographic sheets
  • Crease and fold characteristics of conventional paperboards
  • Bright and visually eye-catching results from the metallized material
  • Infinite spectrum of color possibilities with overprinting
  • Can be printed with inks of varying opacities and screen values
  • Useful for many applications with a wide variety of available weights
  • Available in various reflective colors, and diffraction patterns as well as custom holographic designs
  • Fast and cost-effective customization possibilities
  • Unrivaled shelf impact due to full coverage of vacuum metallized substrate
  • Enhanced barrier properties of end-use applications — can be waterproof, non-absorbent and offer barrier properties against light, water vapor, oxygen, and odors
  • Enhanced security possible with addition of holography
  • Increased shelf life and end-use longevity due to temperature resistance and abrasion resistance
  • Seamless holographic patterns are available for enhanced aesthetics and run efficiencies
  • Cosmetics

  • Electronics

  • Entertainment Media

  • Fashion

  • Fine Food and Beverage

  • Party Supplies

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Personal Care

  • Security

  • Sporting Goods

  • Wine & Spirits

  • Collateral

  • Book Wraps

  • Decorative Wrap

  • DVD Packaging

  • Folding Cartons

  • Folders

  • Hang Tags

  • Media Wraps

  • POP Displays

  • Posters

  • Rigid Packaging

  • Set-Up Boxes

  • Trading Cards 

  • Stickers