Textile Foiling

Foils can be applied to textiles, transferring intricate designs or text onto clothing items. A variety of textiles can be used, as long as they are pre-treated with adhesive. The foil will only stick to the areas which have been treated, rendering a clean design. The foils that Allmarks International supplies have a high tolerance for a spectrum of temperatures and can be efficiently applied. Visually, the metallic sheen that is transferred onto textiles is striking, neat and bright. They ensure that the designs will be defined, and adhere to the textile greatly. The colours available are gold, silver and other metallic colours.

These foils also hold up the wear and tear associated with clothing, and have supreme wearability, doing well even after multiple washes. The technology of the foils allows Allmarks International to supply metallic colours as well as pigmented colours, providing opportunities for exclusive products to be created.

We supply a variety of foils including Clear Transparent Textile Foil, Plain Textile Foil, Hologram Textile Foil, Colour Textile Foil, and Multi-colour Textile Foil.

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The foils that Allmarks International provides have an array of formulations to meet the challenges of all your application needs. For details, please speak to us.

  • T-shirts

  • Evening dresses

  • Decorative textile

  • Textile labels

  • Swimwear

  • Curtains

  • Book-cover

  • Sweat – shirts

Width (mm) Length (m) Thinkness (mic)
640 120 12
750 240 16
1280 305 20
1500 3000 23
1920 6000 26