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Getting the Best Out of Our Foils

We are able to match pantone colours in both gloss and matt pigments, as well as metallic hues. We work with customers around concepts and foils to match and complement their product and design, providing for them customisable colours as well as advice and support. Foils can be provided with repeat logos, graphics, colour shifts and configuration.

Quality foils for many applications such as; Graphics paper and board, Plastics, Label Industry, Textiles, Toner applications, Coding products, Pharmaceutical, Security Holograms, Holographic’s, MDF applications.

We have foils to suit all print occasions. We offer multiple grades for specific applications from wood to cloth, from paper to parchment. At Allmarks International we understand the vast variation in substrates and print processes that can lead to various issues with areas of application. We strongly focus on providing a range of solutions for the brand owner and printer.

With more than 30 years of industry knowledge, Allmarks International is pleased to discuss and answer any questions you may have regarding hot / cold stamping foil and other associated products. Our staff is highly trained and have a wealth of experience regarding the use of dies, inks, paper, board and other substrates and they are glad to offer impartial advice & assistance wherever and whenever needed.